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Why Facebook for Lawyers and Useful Tips

Posted on December 06, 2018 by Quid Pro Quo | Candidate Resources
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Many attorneys question the benefit of Facebook as a resource to boost their career and/or to land a job. Although years have passed since Facebook hit the scene, the social media site is still a powerful tool for lawyers – for many reasons. If you’ve recently asked yourself, “why Facebook?” We have the answer.

Reasons Facebook Works for Attorneys

One of the main reasons a lawyer must have a Facebook account is that it will draw people towards them. Many people use Google when looking for a specific service (this includes legal services). But, these same people, and many others, use Facebook as a separate search engine. If you’re an attorney looking to grow your business, this means Facebook is an excellent resource to get new clients. People looking for a lawyer in your practice area will be able to find you when running a Facebook search.

Now, what if you’re a new or seasoned lawyer looking to find a new job? Facebook is still an excellent resource. There are two main reasons why; and, both have to do with the fact that a potential employer will likely check to see if you have a Facebook account during the interview process.

Once this check is made, and there is a Facebook page present, this tells a potential firm or business that the candidate is current and tech savvy. These are good things.  Further, if the lawyer’s Facebook presence is well built and professionally done, it may help establish a candidate as an expert in a field. Or, at least an attorney with a solid foundation that equates to true promise as an employee. 

Useful Facebook Tips for Lawyers

In order for Facebook to really assist an attorney, that lawyer’s Facebook page and presence must be spot on. The following are three important notes to help an attorney boost his/her Facebook performance.

  1. Customize the profile: A lawyer should take the time to make her Facebook profile her own. It’s easy to do and takes little time. The attorney should ensure that the profile tells the world where she practices, what area of law she practices in, and how she can make a difference.
  2. Post often: It never looks good if a Facebook page appears outdated. This means a lawyer should plan on regular Facebook posts. The posts themselves do not always have to be unique and perfected. But they should be regular in nature…about once a day or once every two days.
  3. Be smart when posting: Facebook posts should be easy. Attorneys must avoid controversial topics and sensitive information. They should report on such things as:

  • Changes in the law (if within their practice area);
  • Recent CLEs that are worth mentioning;
  • New certifications acquired:
  • Community service activities;
  • Work anniversaries or important dates;
  • News articles (of relevance to the lawyer’s practice area); and,
  • Links to websites or published articles.

Facebook gained enormous traction when it first surfaced. This attraction has waned a bit in recent years for attorneys, as many questioned whether the social media site could still truly help them. The truth is that it still can, in a variety of great ways.

However, know that your Facebook fingerprint must be a solid one. Follow the simple tips above and get a page/profile that will make clients and hiring managers smile with confidence. If you have questions along the way, simply contact us! We’re always here to help.

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