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Corporate E-Discovery Spending Likely to Increase in 2020

Posted on April 18, 2019 by Quid Pro Quo | Candidate Resources
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BDO Global recently published its fifth annual “Inside E-Discovery and Beyond” survey. The survey is created from input from 100 senior corporate attorneys from businesses across the United States. One of the survey’s main reports is that corporate E-discovery spending is likely to increase next year.

What are the Reasons for the Increase?

George Socha, a managing director in BDO’s Forensic Technology Services practice, provided two possible explanations for the spending increase. The first is that the companies have more data to deal with for litigation and for investigation. Socha believes that even if the rate of litigation that a business faces in a given year remains constant, the amount of data involved in those cases can grow. This growth can make it more difficult to collect data as the number of storage platforms continues to diversify.

The BDO survey appears to support this first bit of reasoning. Among the large companies that responded to it, 61 percent said that big data would have the most impact on E-discovery in 2020. Respondents in the upper and middle portion of the market also ranked big data as an important impact.

The second possible explanation for the increase in spending, according to Socha, is that company executives will pay more out of a concern of eventual data overload. He thinks the execs might start spending more to try and control big data before it simply explodes. Any explosion would be beyond costly to an organization.

What are Some Important E-Discovery Factors in the Survey?

In addition to its main finding discussed above, the BDO survey noted a few factors that will have importance in the E-Discovery world of 2020. Probably the most important factor raised by the respondents is the ability to use previously collected and processed electronically stored information for other matters. An example here is the ability to use prior data for strings of smaller litigation.

A second important factor is related to awareness. Companies want to know more about an E-Discovery project before it begins. For example, they would like more understanding of:

  • The number of potentially responsive documents it might have in a project, and
  • The total cost of a project.

About the Survey

The 2019 Inside E-discovery & Beyond Survey is a national survey conducted by Rabin Research Company, an independent marketing research firm. Rabin Research Company surveyed 100 senior in-house counsel at leading corporations throughout the United States to collect their insights for BDO’s fifth annual study. Respondents come from corporations with revenues ranging from $100 million to more than $3 billion from a variety of U.S. industries.

BDO itself, or Binder Dijker Otte, is an international network of public accounting, tax, consulting and business advisory firms which perform professional services under the name of BDO.

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