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Posted on January 04, 2019 by Quid Pro Quo | Candidate Resources
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A few years back, QUID PRO QUO reported on this very same topic – Top Three Apps for Lawyers. In the tech world, a few years can often seem like centuries. This is why we thought we’d revisit the subject and update our findings. Besides, it’s a new year people and there’s nothing like ringing in a new year while downloading a new cool app. So, in no particular order…

Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition (Price: $54.99)

Who needs to tote around or shelf the actual book anymore? Black’s Law Dictionary 9th Edition is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch. It comes with hyperlinked cross references to make finding related terms quick and easy. It also offers audio pronunciations, so no lawyer will stumble over hard-to-say legal terms. The app can bookmark terms and it highlights a Word of the Day.

Fastcase (Price: Free)

Fastcase was on our top three list during our last go around and still remains a very popular app within the legal community.  It’ available for the iPhone and iPad and is a free legal research application. The app contains cases and statutes from all 50 states and from the federal government. Attorneys can run legal searches by citation, keyword, or by browsing statute collections.

Quickoffice® Pro (Price: $14.99)

Available for the iPhone or iPad touch, Quickoffice® Pro is a power-packed Microsoft® Office productivity application. It offers an easy-to-use interface for advanced editing of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with an integrated file management solution with convenient access to multiple cloud service providers.

Dropbox (Price: Free)

The Dropbox app is ready for any lawyer’s iPhone or iPad. It allows attorneys to bring all of their photos, docs, and videos anywhere. Need to share images with opposing counsel? No problem. Just upload them into a file and share away. Plus, if you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save on your computer will automatically save to the downloaded app.

TimeClock (Price: $6.99)

This application, available for the iPhone and iPad, helps lawyers track their billable hours and then assists in generating invoices and/or spreadsheets. If you bill clients for your time, this gem of an app will make you more efficient while saving time at the end of the day and month.

CamScanner (Price: Free)

What law office needs an actual scanner anymore? CamScanner is ready-to-go for an attorney’s iPhone or Android. Once downloaded, the lawyer’s device works as a portable scanner. This means paper documents, receipts, and notes can get copied and stored from anywhere and at any time. In addition, the app allows lawyers to crop images and enhance image quality.

Attorneys have no choice these days. If they want to be good at their job, they must be tech savvy, or at least well informed on all matters tech. That’s where we come in.

The above applications are some of the most popular apps getting downloaded in today’s legal industry. QUID PRO QUO wants you to be well-informed and well-educated. Take a quick look at them and simply download your way to stardom. And, just contact us if you have any questions along the way!

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