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Providing Discerning Legal Talent Firms Can Trust

QUID PRO QUO provides law firms with unparalleled attorney headhunting expertise. Our approach to legal recruiting is all encompassing and we’ve become the legal search consultants that firms truly rely upon.

We provide dependable and exemplary service to:

  • Firms located in the Pacific NW and across the United States.
  • Firms with both a national and international presence.
  • Firms of all sizes – from large to mid-size to boutique.
  • Firms specialized in one practice niche.
  • Firms practicing in multiple practice areas across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Firms requiring not only superior attorneys, but if necessary, market research, business analysis and general consulting services.

Our attorney candidates are skilled, talented and driven by outstanding work-ethics. Our strategic recruitment process also ensures legal talent that uniquely compliments an employer’s organization and requirements. QUID PRO QUO’s reputation and results have made it the provider of discerning legal talent law firms can trust.

A Diverse Pool of Talent 

QUID PRO QUO has built a pool of consummate attorneys that is both deep and diverse. We can assist firms in searching for a lawyer in almost any practice area and we specialize in recruiting talent for such positions as:

  • Lateral Shareholders
  • Partners
  • Managing Partners
  • Of Counsel
  • Associates – both Junior and Senior
  • Staff Attorneys
  • Practice Groups
  • JDs/Law Clerks
  • Interns

Please visit our Case Studies page to view specific examples of positions we have helped firms fill in the past.


Ready to Get Started? 

The efficiency, effectiveness and overall strength of a law firm depend on the caliber of its attorneys. Quid Pro Quo certainly understands this and we stand ready to assist your firm get the top-tier legal talent it deserves.

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Our team is here to help you grow and diversify your firm with confidence. We aim to surpass your every expectation. Simply contact us today and we’ll work quickly to evaluate and pair your firm with the talent it needs to succeed.